Comen L5
bulletUsed Medical Equipment
bulletรับเซ็ทห้องผ่าตัด OR
bulletเครื่องอัลตร้าซาวด์ (Ultrasound Machine)
bulletเครื่องเอกซเรย์คอมพิวเตอร์ความเร็วสูง (CT Scan)
bulletเครื่องตรวจด้วยคลื่นสนามแม่เหล็กไฟฟ้า (MRI)
bulletอัลตร้าซาวด์ไร้สาย (Wireless Ultrasound)
bulletเครื่องจี้ไฟฟ้า (Electro Surgical Unit)
bulletWireless EKG
bulletSyringe Pump
bulletInfusion Pump
bulletเครื่อง X-ray C-Arm
bulletเครื่องดมยาสลบ (Anesthesia Machine)
bulletโคมไฟผ่าตัด (Operating Light)
bulletเครื่องสแกนหาเส้นเลือด (Vein Finder)
bulletมอนิเตอร์ผู้ป่วย (Patient Monitor)
bulletเตียงผ่าตัด (Operating Table)
bulletเครื่องวัดสัญญาณไฟฟ้าหัวใจ (ECG Machine)
bulletเครื่อง X-Ray C-Arm สำหรับสัตว์
bulletมอนิเตอร์สำหรับสัตว์ (Monitor)
bulletเตียงผ่าตัด มือสอง
bulletโคมไฟผ่าตัด มือสอง
bulletเครื่อง X-Ray General
bulletเครื่อง X-Ray Portable
bulletเครื่อง X-Ray C-Arm
bulletเครื่อง X-Ray CT Scan
bulletเครื่อง Monitor มือสอง
bulletDefibrillator มือสอง
bullet EKG Recorder มือสอง
bullet Infusion Pump มือสอง
bulletเครื่อง ช่วยหายใจ
bulletSurgical Microscope
bulletเครื่อง Mammogram
bulletBeauty Surgery
bulletเครื่อง Autoclave
bulletCath Lab
bulletNew Item

Comen L5 article


Surgical Light
Adaptive Lighting
During the surgery, the medical staff will change the height of the surgical light according to the doctor’s position change, which means the surgical light doesn’t keep 1 meter from the wound and cause the illuminance change. L5 adopts adaptive lighting technology, the surgical light will automatically adapt to the distance of the wound and always a eternal illuminance.
Smart Intensity
Turning on/off a part of the LED bulbs is the way to adjust the spot size, while a small spot is set, the light intensity will be decreased. In terms of deep-cavity surgeries such as heart surgery, they require a small spot and high illuminance, these demands cannot be satisfied at the same time. L5 adopts a smart intensity technology, while turning off a part of the LED bulbs, it will maintain the original illuminance.
Stable Illumination
Almost of the traditional surgical lights adopts PWM dimming technology, it adjusts the illuminance by turning the bulbs on/off at a high frequency, which will cause a certain damage to the surgeon’s eyes, on another hand, there will be waves during the surgical recording. L5 adopts the advanced DC dimming technology, which the illuminance is controlled by voltage changes without the high frequency flash of the light, prevent the surgeons from the damage and will no cause waves during surgical recording.

PWM dimming technology

DC dimming technology

Specialized Product Specific Usage
As a new generation surgical light, L5 is able to provide a specialized surgical lighting solution for different surgery such as heart, orthopedics, endoscopy, spine, obstetrics and gynecology operations. Doctors are allowed to customize the setup such as illuminance, spot and other parameters according to the characteristics of the operation and the setup can be saved.
Efficient and convenient
Different surgeries require specific illuminance, for example high-intensity lighting for heart and burn surgery, general lighting for superficial surgery, and low-intensity lighting for endoscopic surgery. L5 can provide bright, normal and endoscopic modes to satisfy several illumination requirements.

Low-intensity lighting

General lighting

High-intensity lighting

L5 can be configured with a variety of control methods such as control panel, handle, wall control, and dual-lamp synchronous control as well as Smart-OR control, making the operation of medical staff more convenient


High color rendering index
L5’s color rendering index Ra up to 98, it’s easier for surgeons to distinguish the tissues and organs as well as bones.




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