Syringe pump Enmind-EN-S7
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Syringe pump Enmind-EN-S7 article


เครื่องควบคุมการให้สารละลายด้วยกระบอกฉีดยา Syringe pump Enmind-EN-S7

Syringe pump Enmind – EN-S7

Accurate control ensure smooth flow
0.01ml/h increment ensure infusion accurate and stable, applicable to high risk drug transfusion.

Multiple modes makes infusion more flexible
Multiple infusion modes available, such as ml/h mode, body weight mode, TIVA mode, loading-dose mode and so on, meet varies treatment demands in ICU, OR, etc.

Syringe handle clip makes loading easier
Replace syringe easily and avoid siphon

Visible and graphical alarm display
Alarm details displayed with icon and description makes alarm more clear and vivid.

Auto-calculation makes parameter setting easier
Auto -conversion between time and rate, auto -calculation of drug concentration and 40 different types of dose unit selectable.

Long battery life ensure continuous infusion
Refined system design ensure battery life can support more than 12 hours.

Water-proof Design
Water-proof class up to IP24, 360% splash-proof

Color touch screen makes operation more friendly
4.3′ color touch screen, which is biggest in the world, makes operation easier and simpler. Big color screen ‘display enable to read information at distance.

DERS guarantee medication safety
Dose Error Recovery System guarantee medication safety.

Reliable IrDA transmission
Transmit data via IrDA to avoid external disturbance.

One key import treatment prescription
Memorize latest treatment prescriptions can start infusion fast without any parameter setting.

Model / Specss

  • Features and advantages
  • 7 infusion modes to meet various demands.
  • Smart operation system, optimized user interface
  • 12 occlusion levels ,adjustable
  • 12h battery life
  • Support automatic brand adding and automatic calibration
  • Support Anti-bolus, real-time display of dynamic pressure
  • Support WIFI wireless data transmission
  • Support the adding of 2,000 medicine settings
  • Support nurse call, infrared data transmission



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Syringe Pump เครื่องควบคุมการให้สารละลายด้วยกระบอกฉีดยา

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