EKG Recorder Schiller AT-5 article

EKG Recorder Schiller  AT-5

SCHILLER AT-5 is a technologically advanced, compact, sophisticated but easy to use 
electrocardiograph. It has the following features: 

  • Low weight and compact dimensions for portability. 
  • Battery Backup for mains independent operation. 
  • Large, clear and bright LCD display for the simultaneous monitoring of up to 8 leads. 
  • Simple Menu guidance for ease of operation. 
  • Programmable function keys (MACRO) to execute often used test procedures. 
  • High quality integrated thermal printer combined with several print functions and formats to ensure clear and precise documentation of important information. 
  • Automatic paper tray extend and retract. 
  • DC input connections for on-screen presentation or printout. 
  • RS-232 interface for data transmission / reception to another unit or a PC (for example transmission to the SCHILLER data management program SEMA for the verification and archiving of recorded data). 
  • Built-in memory to store recorded ECGs. 
  • Interpretation and Measurement Programs for accurate analysis of results. 






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