ขายเครื่อง Defibrillator กระตุกหัวใจ Bi Phasic Nihon Kohden article

เครื่อง Defibrillator Bi Phasic +AED (Auto Defib) +EKg Monitor  ยี่ห้อ Nihon Kohden  Made in Japan

  • AED, multi-parameter monitoring including SpO2, CO2, NIBP
    and 12 lead ECG analysis, and defibrillator in one portable unit.
  • Nihon Kohden's unique ActiBiphasic technology provides more efficient defibrillation
    than conventional biphasic circuits by maintaining constant second phase
    pulse width for high impedance patients.
  • Biphasic waveform - more effective defibrillation at lower energy.
  • AED with disposable pad adapter cable and disposable pads,
    automatic charging start for hands-free defibrillation, CPR timing sound, and optional voice prompt.
  • Noninvasive pacing (TEC-7731)
  • Crisp, clear TFT color LCD screen displays 3 waveforms
  • Fast charging - less than 3 seconds to 150J and less than 5 seconds to 270J
  • Fast ECG recovery for immediate monitoring after defibrillation
  • High reliability high voltage capacitor protects against defibrillation failure.
    Together with the battery and capacitor test, reliable defibrillation is always assured.
  • QP-765VK Defibrillation Report Viewer software lets you review,
    edit and print defibrillation reports on a Windows PC.




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