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เครื่อง  X-Ray Portable GE AMX700

• Single-panel Amorphous Silicon Detector with Cesium 
• Iodide Scintillator 
• High Quantum Efficiency/ Low Noise Electronics 
• Portable Flat Panel Detector with Tether 
• 15” Touch Screen Monitor for User Interface, Instant Image Preview 
• Touch Screen Activated Technique Selection 
• DICOM 3.0 and IHE Compatible for Network Connectivity 
• Simplified Tube Parking Process 
• Ergonomic Hand-switch Controls 
• 12.5kW High Tension Transformer 
• 270 Degree Mast Rotating Anode X-Ray Tube 
• Speed up to 3mph 
• 8 In. Caster Wheels Capable of Climbing 5º Incline 


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